Casio Scientific FX 85 ES PLUS 2E

22.50 INC VAT

Easy operation The fully equipped calculator has a 12-digit LCD display , which is clear and easy to read. Spacious buttons and keyboards help you enter numbers quickly without typing . Features overview: Calculations with fractions Degree angle units, radians, grads Conversions between angle units (degrees, rad, grad) Conversions between polar and Cartesian coordinate systems Trigonometric functions sin / cos / tan / sin-1 / cos-1 / tan-1 Hyperbolic functions sinh / cosh / tanh / sinh-1 / cosh-1 / tanh-1 Exponential functions, natural, decimal and general logarithm Mathematical functions?, X2, x-1, 1 / x, x !, xy, x1 / y Conversions between sixty and decimal system Percentage calculations Decomposition into prime numbers ENG function (technical exponential number format) Random number generator Table of functional values Statistics Sums of? X,? X2 Sums of? X,? Y,? X2,? Y2,? Xy Standard deviation Regression Key properties The powerful portable school calculator is equipped with a total of 252 functions. It has a clear LCD display and a spacious keyboard with large buttons that prevent typos. A full-featured calculator saves you the hassle of complex calculations.

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